What comes to mind when one hears the words “architecture” or “architectural heritage”, in the context of Vila Itororó? There are many people who think only of the palazzo, the biggest and most central building of the whole group. But what if we tried to think architecture not only grounded on its buildings (the full volumes), but of the spaces between the buildings (the empty volumes). All of the houses in Vila Itororó face the central patio. From the open windows it was possible to keep an eye on the children playing outside and also to talk to passing neighbours. The patio is the place of collective life, crossed by all, a place of passage and for meeting people. Today, besides the patio itself, the shed at the entrance of the worksite is also conceived as a patio, sheltering activities ranging from free play to big parties and celebrations.

At left, detail of Vila Itororó Patterns, by Mônica Nador

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