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The restoration work has inaugurated a fresh reality in the architectural ensemble that constitutes Vila Itororó. How should this ensemble be preserved? What multiplicity of narratives about Vila Itororó may emerge in the restoration process? Such issues put in motion both the practice of the architects in charge of the restoration and the research and creation processes by artists invited by the curating team. These artworks developed in the medium or long term, grounded on a careful listening of the context, create new meanings, build presences and point out to possibilities for the future of Vila Itororó. From an integrated vision cast between material and immaterial heritage, past and future, Vila Itororó’s present it being built.


As the first activity carried out in Vila Itororó’s shed, the collective ConstructLab was invited to build modules and basic equipment for the place, having carried out a workshop with about 50 participants in the carpentry workshop.

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Vila Itororó Patterns
Mônica Nador

Because painting is the issue. But a versatile painting, that extrapolates its own limits: photography, stencils, wall, cloth and now printed paper; these are a few of the means and supports of the expanded painting practice developed by Mônica Nador. Since 2003, this practice has unfolded into a diversity of actions that she carries out in Jardim Miriam Arte Club / JAMAC.

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Public Psychoanalytic Clinic

The pilot experience of a Public Psychoanalytic Clinic in the shed of Vila Itororó’s Open Worksite, offering free individual sessions, intends to widen, beyond artistic practices, the notion of culture and the expectations regarding a cultural centre.

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Carla Zaccagnini

Já olhou uma borboleta de perto? Já prestou atenção no seu processo de transformação, ou, para melhor dizer, de metamorfose? Instigada a criar uma obra que pudesse propor caminhos para inventar novas formas de contar a história da Vila Itororó, e tornar o seu passado algo mais presente, a artista Carla Zaccagnini resolveu aproximar as mudanças radicais das borboletas com as que a cidade de São Paulo sofreu no século XX – de vilarejo a metrópole – e continua sofrendo.

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