Public Psychoanalytic Clinic

The pilot experience of a Public Psychoanalytic Clinic in the shed of Vila Itororó’s Open Worksite, offering free individual sessions, intends to widen, beyond artistic practices, the notion of culture and the expectations regarding a cultural centre. The proposition was an initiative by artist Graziela Kunsch, in charge of audience development at Vila Itororó, together with psychoanalysts Tales Ab’Sáber and Daniel Guimarães. This is one more experiment in the worksite (in addition to other experiments) that aims to open fresh perspectives for the future of Vila Itororó.

The clinic emerged as a reflection about the radical transformations – internal and external – undergone by Vila Itororó in the course of its history, having suffered many violences: urban planning violence caused by the channelling of the Itororó river and the building of Avenue 23 de Maio; violence of the housing policies for poorer populations who dwell in the neighbourhood. If the project emerged with a desire to attend former Vila Itororó dwellers, the creation of on-call extended hours aims to widen the sessions to other interested individuals.

The group is now composed by Ana Carolina Santos, Camila Bassi, Camila Kfouri, Dafne Melo, Daniel Guimarães, Fernando Pena, Flavio Bacellar, Frederico Tell Ventura e pela artista Graziela Kunsch, supervised by Heidi Tabacof e Maria Silvia Bolguese. In the first six months of the clinic, the group was composed by Anne Egídio, Carolina Binatti, Daniel Guimarães, Fabricio Brasiliense, Patricia Gertel Nogueira, Ricardo Cavalcante and Tales Ab’Sáber, the latter as supervisor.

The group works driven by a political will and the project is a full part of their training as professionals. They receive a stipend amounting to the cost of a monthly urban travel card. With the widening of the project, one can imagine this experiment taking place, in the near future, in one of the houses at Vila Itororó.

Benjamin Seroussi, curador

Read texts about the clinic:
Psicanálise, espaço público e vida popular, by Tales Ab’Sáber
Uma clínica pública de psicanálise, by Daniel Guimarães


O direito à cidade psíquica: a Clínica Pública de Psicanálise, ou a psicanálise como canteiro aberto, by Daniel Guimarães


Since July 2016, still in progress