“Burnt hues, somewhat closed: an earthen red, a mustard yellow, colours of an older Brazilian architecture”. Such were the words in which Mônica Nador described the colours she has chosen for the work developed at Vila Itororó. A red door, which she found in the place, served as a trigger. The door’s decoration – a rose – was converted into a stencil, which yielded a graphic pattern, in its turn becoming painting. Because painting is the issue. But a versatile painting, that extrapolates its own limits: photography, stencils, wall, cloth and now printed paper; these are a few of the means and supports of the expanded painting practice developed by Mônica Nador. Since 2003, this practice has unfolded into a diversity of actions that she carries out in Jardim Miriam Arte Club / JAMAC. As in other projects by the artist, “Vila Itororó Patterns” is characterised by a long, but restless, work process, carried out by many hands – which results in displacing authorship and representation. The process involved former dwellers of Vila Itororó, dwellers from the Bixiga neighbourhood and other interested parties. The point was not to accurately represent Vila Itororó, but to understand the place as an active agent, connected to other people able to think its past and to test its future in the present. Vila Itororó is transformed and is reinvented from itself. This delicate work, which imprints greater density to the present, continues in thehand-printed publication,done with Risograph, and concluded with traditional “Festa Junina” organised by former dwellers of Vila Itororó, with the participation of musicians from Jardim Miriam. The stencil were made available at Vila Itororó for anyone who wished to enter the work processes of the construction site.

Benjamin Seroussi, curator

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Maio de 2015
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