Starting on March 10th of 2018 , the Vila Itororó Canteiro Aberto (open construction site) project, conceived by Instituto Pedra, takes on a new form, restricting itself to the renovation construction works, the occasional public debates, and the diffusion of content about Vila Itororó. As such, Instituto Pedra will no longer manage the cultural program that takes place at the warehouse space of Rua Pedroso, 238.

Being so, this website works as an X-ray of what was the establishment of an experiment of a cultural center in a construction site, which worked as part of the restoration process – anticipating, as well, the public function of the housing complex. In the website it is possible to find information on the activities, political queries, reflections, and the “way of doing” that made it all possible. This archive also extrapolates on the present temporality of the project (2015-2018) and brings on Vila Itororó’s past through researches, photos, sound archives, documents, films, and books written and/or published especially in this context.

Staring on the 10th of March of 2018, the management of cultural activities will be taken up by the São Paulo Culture Municipal SecretaryFor more information on the use of the space, write to

To send messages about the restoration, materials about Vila Itororó, or ways of supporting the Canteiro Aberto, use the e-mail address

For open construction sites and for the unfolding of this experience!